September 21

9/11 Reflections

9/11 was a very sad day and many people died. 9/11 was a suicide mission.Some tormentors got on a plane with weapons, when they were ready they killed the pilots and took over the plane.  Two planes crashed into the Twin Towers killing everyone on the plane. Another plane was taken by tormentors and that was Flight 93. Flight 93 was said to be targeted at the White House or some other important area. The passengers on Flight 93 made a plan to take back the plane from the tormentors and stop them from crashing the plane. The passengers threw hot coffee, plates and anything they could use at them! Finally, they knocked the tormentors out and crashed the plane in a field. Nobody made it out alive, but to this day those passengers on Flight 93 are true heros! Thanks to them America stands stronger together and aware of these wonderful passengers and brave people!

11 September 2001 

September 13

The Pumpkin Patch (Poem with Adjectives)

There, the pumpkins lie, In a green patch, I sigh, For it looks so lonely to buy a pumpkin, I lie, the pumpkin so beautiful, I cry, with the red house that could fit more than one mouse,for that house, the pumpkin was so cranky, for the weather was so rainy, the big ugly owner  smashes the fellow pumpkins, and with a tear dropping down my eye, I rest giving a great sigh. For I must go, Goodbye!

August 31

Life in 5th grade

In 5th grade I have 5 wonderful teachers. We have one man teacher, his name is Mr.McBride and he is awesome, he teaches Science. Then there is Mrs.Owens who is really nice and she teaches reading. Also there is Mrs.Ummel and she is really cool and teaches Math tools and Language Arts. Last but not least, Mrs.McFall, she is really funny and always has something fun for us to do! School has been great so far and I really do love all my classes. I have a feeling this is going to be a great year!

February 22

If Me and Lexi were Harry Potter Characters…

I would be the daughter of Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Lexi would be the daughter of Nyphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin. My name would be Teresa Grace. Lexi’s name would be Charity Grace. Charity lives with Teresa because her parents died in the battle of Hogwarts. THAT REALLY HAPPENED IN THE MOVIE! And we brought Dobby back to life and he lives with me. We would look like this…