The Mummy in the Casket

One spooky Halloween night, the clock struck midnight. Addison and I were walking to my house from a Haunted House Party we had just left. “On the way to my house there is a shortcut through the graveyard and past the Museum of Mummies” I told Addison .She responded “I’m not sure that is a great idea.” I continued walking and she ran to catch up. As we walked through the graveyard Addison got really scared and we started to run through the graveyard.When we got through the graveyard I tripped over something like something I had seen before. I shouted “Oh My Gosh!” It was a casket! My knee was gushing blood and Addison fainted. Suddenly, something grabbed me  and pulled me right  into the Museum Of Mummies. Addison finally woke up and ran after me. The Mummy quickly slammed the door on her face. Addison nose was bleeding, but she wasn’t giving up! She quickly opened the door and the Mummy and I were out of sight! I screamed “Help!!!!”  She yelled “Don’t Worry!”  She came running and she was crying. Together we shoved the mummy into a box and locked it. We ran home and she told me again that going through the graveyard was not a good idea! I told her we better not tell my Mom.


White Oak Homecoming

White Oak’s Homecoming is very special because it only happens every three years. If you have ever been to the game on the day of homecoming you will find that to find a seat that is not filled is very difficult. Have you ever been to the parade? There are lots of different people and floats there. There is the White Oak Football team and the Cheerleaders. There is also the little neck football team and their cheerleaders. Also the Homecoming Queen and the runner ups. Also their is the baseball teams and softball teams and they all throw candy. If you have never been to the parade, I suggest you go. It is definitely worth your time.

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