Colonial Hatter

Another day of hard work, the colony is barely surviving! Me, as one of the only woman Hatters’! The men are very rough and many people are starving to death! My family and I are still doing well and are in good condition. Right now the tri-cornered hat is a favorite style.Today we ran out of glue and the men bothered me until I made the glue. A few days ago the fumes from the washing pelts made my friend crazy! The fumes caused her muscle problems in her leg and made her sight blurry. It happened to me today but luckily only made me dizzy for a few moments. Later, one of the richer families came in and let all three of their children pick a tri-cornered hat! I am not complaining¬† but the amount was more than I would spend on a good weapon.Well the Papermakers’ are running slow and this is my last paper.I must stop writing now.

Colonial Leader Benjamin Franklin

Who was Benjamin Franklin?

Worked for various printers and succeeded

Helped to create first fire department

Became an agent for colonies in England

Early believer in colonial unity and independence

Established his own printing company and was highly successful

Worked as a bookkeeper and shopkeeper

Created the first political cartoon

Was the first United States Postmaster General

Helped create the academy  that is now The University of Pennsylvania

That is Benjamin Franklin!

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