Monday, January 21, was Martin Luther King Day. I did the laundry,folded the clothes, and put them up. I also helped my dad walk the dogs. My school got the day off, but I don’t think we should’ve gotten the day off because Martin Luther King never got the day off! He went to work everyday and almost never got a day off! We should have been at school, but instead one of our teachers told us that we should do at least one helpful thing at home, so I did. Martin Luther King was a very hard working man, and without him the world would be even more hateful than it is already. The world would be separated by the color of our skin and not by the acts of our hearts. I am very thankful for my school,my friends,my teachers, and my family. The world is so much better now that we are not judged by the color of our skin or our race! We all have it better than we think. Just remember if you have to go to school or work on Monday, January 21,2019,just think about Martin Luther King and how a great man worked every day for what he believed in. Next MLK day, think about what he did for the good of the world…

The Midnight Ride

March do the redcoats by land or by sea, set a lantern up or two, as a way to alert me.

In Lexington, Revere, Dawes, and Prescott warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock.

During that time colonists had to house and feed the soldiers.(or redcoats) This was apart of the Quartering Act.

Now Minuteman were getting ready to fight against the redcoats.

It was April 19, 1775.

Going to Lexington and Concord, the riders had to watch out for soldiers patrolling the street.

Hancock and Adams were wanted by the Redcoats.

They (Revere, Dawes, and Prescott) warned the colonists by yelling “The Redcoats are coming”!


Revere was the only rider included in Henry Longfellow’s poem.

In Lexington, Paul Revere got caught, but later released.

Dawes and Revere did not make it to Concord right away, but Samuel Prescott did.

Each colonists suffered at least a little bit from all of the acts, and every colonists was effected by them.

2018 Reflections

2018 was a great year for me! I had a lot of fun with my friends and have enjoyed my 5th grade teachers a lot too! My 4th grade teachers were great also, but I have so many more privileges in 5th grade than I have had in any other year! I have had a great time in 5th grade and can not wait for 6th grade. My favorite subject has always been reading,but after having Mr.McBride I think my favorite subject is Science! My least favorite subject is math, but my math teachers, Mrs.Ummel and Mrs.Brantley, make everything fun! Mrs.McFall is a great teacher too, and I have enjoyed learning about the Boston Tea party and the history about the colonists from way back then. Mrs.Owens, my reading teacher is always so nice and most of the things we do in her class are usually fun. The only thing I miss about 4th grade is the recess and the nice teachers of course, although my teachers in 5th grade teachers are nice too. P.E. will always be my favorite periferal, I think I am going to love Athletics in 6th grade! Although in 6th grade I do not look forward to band.I am so glad 2019 has started and hope it will be a great year for everyone.

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