How I know Ike

I know Ike fromĀ  Obedience School and I think he is VERY dramatic. He is one of the CRAZIEST dogs I know! One night after curfew, he and another dog went and set a trap so when the warden woke up he would get smashed in the face with pie! Poor guy! Ike always exaggerated to his owners in the letters he wrote too! He was at a 5-star restaurant with top-notch chefs and he wrote in his letter that the food was awful and that the chefs were evil! He had one of the best rooms in the obedience school and told his poor owner that there were roaches and rats. I was told to show the other dogs how to sit and roll over and Ike refused!!! He is a BAD DOG!


Concerned Dog

Dueling Mandates in Yellowstone

In Yellowstone National Park, the are having trouble with the wolves. I think the best dilima is to: Leave collars on wolves that already have them but do not collar any new ones. Only return wandering wolves if deemed necessary for their immediate survival survival. The good things about this is, you can return the wolves back to the park if they need to come back , for the needs of their survival. Also they can monitor the wolves to keep them from harm, and since you don’t collar any new wolves, all the other wolves can live their lives freely.Some bad things about this are:If the wolves with the collars on them run out of the park you will have to bring them back.Also, if they wander off too far and get into trouble, you might not get there fast enough to save them. And the last con, if the wolves with collars die, you will have to collar new wolves. I think this is the best solution because you can still study and learn more about the wolves, and let other wolves have the opportunity to live their lives freely and do what they want. We can learn more about the wolves species if we collar them, and we can make sure that their species lasts form a long while.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was born in 1895 in Pigtown, Baltimore. He was not rich or wealthy growing up, but he was a great baseball player. He became famous for his impressively great power as a slugger.He called his his and where it was going to go. I admire his leadership and his hard work. Baseball was his life. If you are a baseball fan, you know who Babe Ruth is. He hit more than 40 home runs per season in 11 seasons. He hit 714 career home runs and few players reached that. We are alike because we are both baseball players. We are different because he started smoking and chewing tobacco at age 7, and I will never do that. An interesting fact about him is that he was a troublemaker and at age 7, his parents sent him to St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys for 12 years.

Source:BHW, Famous Baseball Players, Celebrities Galore

Patriot Poem

Was the only participant in ride that reached Concord

Accompanied by Revere and Dawes in ride

Apart of the Midnight Ride

In Continental Army


Was very brave

Was primary courier of message

Massachusetts patriot during the American Revolutionary War

He was taken prisoner and died April 18, 1717

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Women in the Revolution

Emily Geiger
During the summer of 1781, General Greene wanted to send a message to General Sumter. Emily Geiger volunteered to deliver the message, but at first General Greene told her that the journey would be to dangerous for her. After she finally convinces him, he tells her to destroy the message if she was caught and she sets off on her journey. On her way, she is accused of being a spy by redcoats and they think they should search her. The redcoats thought that it would be more proper for a lady to search her, so they take her to a nearby farmhouse. She is put in a room and does not know what to do with the message so she memorised the message and then… she eats the message and when she was searched she was found clean.She arrives at General Sumter’s camp and tells him the message word for word.

Captain Molly
At age 5, her mother was kidnapped and father killed. She was a camp follower, she cooked meals for the men, washed clothes, and helped around the camp. When the war started, her husband was killed and instead of escaping like the other women she helped the men fight and loaded the cannons.

Sybyl Ludington
Her father (who was a militia leader) needed to gather his militia for a important matter. It would be a dangerous mission, but Sybel volunteered anyway. The militia met with her father, and they were told what they needed to do. Later, the militia left and the touries came. Sybel did not want them to get her father and she had a brilliant idea… to keep her father safe, they marched back and forth with brooms and hats on, which looked like the militia was there and ready for an attack.

Deborah Samson
Deborah Samson wished she could be a soldier and serve her new nation, a man tells her that women are not fit for battle and that they needed to learn manners, and tend to home.She disguised herself as a man, deepened her voice, and enlisted for the remainder of the war. She used a brother’s name that had died long ago. The men couldn’t tell she was a woman because she was unusually tall and had grown muscular from working on the farm. While she is in the war, she gets a head wound and gets shot in the leg. She was took to a medical center, the doctor wraps the head wound and asks her if she has any other injures. She tells him she does not, because if she would of told him they would of found out she was a girl. When they all leave the room, she sneaks outside and tries to get the bullet out of her lead with a stick. Later, the doctor finds her and they all find out she is a woman!!!


Monday, January 21, was Martin Luther King Day. I did the laundry,folded the clothes, and put them up. I also helped my dad walk the dogs. My school got the day off, but I don’t think we should’ve gotten the day off because Martin Luther King never got the day off! He went to work everyday and almost never got a day off! We should have been at school, but instead one of our teachers told us that we should do at least one helpful thing at home, so I did. Martin Luther King was a very hard working man, and without him the world would be even more hateful than it is already. The world would be separated by the color of our skin and not by the acts of our hearts. I am very thankful for my school,my friends,my teachers, and my family. The world is so much better now that we are not judged by the color of our skin or our race! We all have it better than we think. Just remember if you have to go to school or work on Monday, January 21,2019,just think about Martin Luther King and how a great man worked every day for what he believed in. Next MLK day, think about what he did for the good of the world…

The Midnight Ride

March do the redcoats by land or by sea, set a lantern up or two, as a way to alert me.

In Lexington, Revere, Dawes, and Prescott warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock.

During that time colonists had to house and feed the soldiers.(or redcoats) This was apart of the Quartering Act.

Now Minuteman were getting ready to fight against the redcoats.

It was April 19, 1775.

Going to Lexington and Concord, the riders had to watch out for soldiers patrolling the street.

Hancock and Adams were wanted by the Redcoats.

They (Revere, Dawes, and Prescott) warned the colonists by yelling “The Redcoats are coming”!


Revere was the only rider included in Henry Longfellow’s poem.

In Lexington, Paul Revere got caught, but later released.

Dawes and Revere did not make it to Concord right away, but Samuel Prescott did.

Each colonists suffered at least a little bit from all of the acts, and every colonists was effected by them.

2018 Reflections

2018 was a great year for me! I had a lot of fun with my friends and have enjoyed my 5th grade teachers a lot too! My 4th grade teachers were great also, but I have so many more privileges in 5th grade than I have had in any other year! I have had a great time in 5th grade and can not wait for 6th grade. My favorite subject has always been reading,but after having Mr.McBride I think my favorite subject is Science! My least favorite subject is math, but my math teachers, Mrs.Ummel and Mrs.Brantley, make everything fun! Mrs.McFall is a great teacher too, and I have enjoyed learning about the Boston Tea party and the history about the colonists from way back then. Mrs.Owens, my reading teacher is always so nice and most of the things we do in her class are usually fun. The only thing I miss about 4th grade is the recess and the nice teachers of course, although my teachers in 5th grade teachers are nice too. P.E. will always be my favorite periferal, I think I am going to love Athletics in 6th grade! Although in 6th grade I do not look forward to band.I am so glad 2019 has started and hope it will be a great year for everyone.

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